USDCr is a reward token in the Open Meta Trade ecosystem, it is equivalent in value to USDC and used as a reward for investors and traders.

USDCr is created to pay fees when trading on Open Meta Trade. There will not be a designated liquidity pool or any additional incentives for holding, trading, or transferring USDCr.

Each user will be given a single Reward Wallet to earn and spend the rewards. Rewards can be distributed from OMT's Marketing programs. Simply finish easy tasks or stake to the OMT Staking Pool.

This reward is ultilized to minimize trading expenses for Futures positions at Open Meta Trading.

How to Receive USDCr

Stake USDCr & Get esUSDC

  • Access "Stake" feature and connect your wallet first

  • Click "Stake" and type in your staking amount. After that, approve OMT token.

  • Stake and confirm this transaction.

  • You'll begin to receive esUSDCr immediately!

Vest USDCr

  • Claim your esUSDCr tokens.

  • Deposit those esUSDCr to start vesting USDCr. Confirm the pending transaction to proceed.

  • You'll earn USDCr right then. It takes 6 months for vested esUSDCr to be fully converted to USDCr.

  • Claim your USDCr straight away to enjoy trading with NO EXTRA FEES on Open Meta Trade.

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