Stop-Loss / Take-Profit

To set stop-loss and take-profit orders:

  1. Click on the "Close" button

  2. Select the "Stop" tab.

After you create a trigger order, it will display in your position's row as well as under the "Orders" page, where you may amend it and alter the trigger price if necessary.

If you manually close a position, the related trigger orders will stay open; if you do not want the order to be active when opening future positions, you must cancel them manually.

Note: Orders are not guaranteed to be executed; this can arise in a variety of conditions, including but not limited to:

  • The mark price, which is an average of currency rates, did not achieve the target price.

  • The desired price was attained, but not for long enough for the transaction to be completed.

  • The execution order was not picked up by any keeper.

Furthermore, because trigger orders are market orders, they are not guaranteed to execute at the trigger price.

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