Staking System

OMT Rewards are incentives provided to long-term protocol users.


Users that have staked OMT earn three types of rewards per block:

  • Escrowed OMT (esOMT, with equal values to OMT)

  • Multiplier Point (multiply rewards the longer you stake OMT and esOMT)

  • Shared fees from system revenue

30% of system fees are paid to staked OMT and esOMT. It should be noted that the given rewards are calculated after deducting referral rewards and network expenses.


There are two claiming options:

  • Claim: This action will transfer any pending Escrowed OMT and Bonus prizes to your wallet.

  • Compound: This will stake your pending rewards to increase your current rewards.

If you compound or stake your Escrowed OMT tokens, you can unstake them any time for vesting.

Distribution Rate

Escrowed OMT will be allocated to staked OMT and OLP.

Every second, rewards are paid to staked tokens. Any changes will be disclosed at least 7 days before they are implemented.


A summary of staking rewards:

  • OMT: earns Fee, esOMT, Multiplier Points, USDCr

  • esOMT: earns Fee, esOMT, Multiplier Points

  • Multiplier Points: boost system fee APRs received

  • OLP: earns Fee, esOMT, automatically staked on mint

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