Brand Kit

Brand & logo usage

In this increasingly competitive blockchain industry, the proper use and administration of the company's brand logo in accordance with consistent criteria will give us with a more effective, transparent, and friendly market image.

OMT's icons are particularly accessible to consumers and partners in this diverse market. We urge our partners to produce content and collaborate commercially using our icons:

  • You may use our icons to develop social derivatives, but you must credit the source.

  • Conduct commercial collaboration and display the OMT emblem in various channels with our permission to demonstrate that our cooperation connection is official.

The following activities are NOT permitted:

  • If the source is not indicated, the creation of derivatives with our brand mark for sale.

  • Usage of our brand symbol materials for publicity implying a collaborative relationship with us, without our authorization.

  • Usage of our brand assets (icons and names) to develop goods that compete or conflict with us, such as the OMT icon with the same qualities, or construct another OMT Exchange market.

You may download our brand kit here: Brand Kit

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