Open Meta Trade


Open Meta Trade is a decentralized futures exchange that provides users with transparency and security in their trades. With the lowest fees on the market, all you need to do is connect your DeFi wallet and start trading on-chain derivatives with an unprecedented experience.

Users of Open Meta Trade can trade BTC, ETH, other well-known cryptocurrencies along with stocks and INDEX straight from their digital wallets. Users can trade spot swaps and perpetual futures with up to 250x leverage, just like they would on a centralized exchange. However, they maintain the custody of their funds by using their decentralized wallet as opposed to a centralized exchange.

Open Meta Trade provides a native token called OMT that serves as a governance, utility, and value-accrual token. Users can stake OMT tokens to have access to additional incentives as well as a share of the protocol fees charged by OMT.

Open Meta Trade will be deployed on the Arbitrum and ONUS Chain network. The project will expand to BNB Smart Chain in the coming time.

Link to the OMT exchange:

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