Escrowed OMT


Escrowed OMT (esOMT) can be received when you stake OMT and has the same values to OMT. These esOMT can be converted to OMT over 12 months when vesting.

Escrowed OMT (esOMT) has two applications:

  • Staked for comparable payouts to normal OMT tokens

  • Vest esOMT to actual OMT in a year

Note: Escrowed OMT (esOMT) is not meant to be transferrable unless you are doing a full account transfer.


Vesting allows escrowed OMT (esOMT) tokens to be turned into OMT tokens. When vesting is activated, the average number of OMT or OLP tokens utilized to obtain the esOMT incentives is reserved.

The quantity of OMT or OLP required to be locked while vesting esOMT varies by account and is limited to the incentives obtained by that account. Please do not purchase esOMT off the market or over the counter since you will not be able to vest them.

  • EsOMT tokens which are unstaked and deposited for vesting will not earn incentives.

  • Staked tokens that have not yet vested will continue to earn rewards.

  • Following the start of vesting, esOMT tokens will be converted into OMT every second and will entirely vest in 365 days.

  • esOMT can be vested into OMT at any time.

  • OMT vested from esOMT can be claimed at any time.

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