Managing Positions

After opening a trade, you would be able to view it under your Positions list, you can also click on "Edit" to deposit or withdraw collateral, this allows you to manage your leverage and liquidation price.

  • When you open a position or deposit collateral, a snapshot of the USD price of your collateral is taken.

  • The amount of profit and loss you make will be proportional to your position size.

Leverage for a position is displayed as (position size) / (position collateral).

If you'd like to display the leverage as (position size + PnL) / (position collateral), click on the "..." button next to your address.

Note: When depositing collateral into a long position, there is a 0.15% swap fee for the conversion of the asset to its USD value. This is to prevent deposits from being used as a zero fee swap. This does not apply to shorts and withdrawing.

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